Expert Tips: How to Keep Spam Calls at Bay on Your iPhone

In today’s digital age, spam calls have become an increasingly frustrating issue for iPhone users. Whether it’s a telemarketer interrupting your day or a scammer attempting to defraud you, these unwanted calls can be a major nuisance. Thankfully, there are several effective methods to block spam calls on your iPhone. In this article, we will explore expert tips and techniques that will help you keep spam calls at bay.

Enable Built-In Call Blocking Features

One of the easiest ways to block spam calls on your iPhone is by utilizing the built-in call blocking features. iOS offers various options that allow you to filter and block unwanted callers effortlessly.

Activate Silence Unknown Callers: This feature automatically sends calls from unknown numbers directly to voicemail without ringing your phone. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers and toggle the switch on.

Use Do Not Disturb: Another useful tool is the Do Not Disturb mode, which allows you to silence all incoming calls except for those from your contacts or repeated callers. Simply go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and customize the settings according to your preferences.

Enable Call Blocking and Identification: iOS provides an option for blocking specific numbers or contacts directly from your phone settings. Go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification and add the numbers you want to block.

Install Third-Party Call Blocking Apps

While Apple’s built-in features provide a good starting point, there are also numerous third-party call blocking apps available in the App Store that offer advanced functionalities.

Truecaller: Truecaller is a popular app that not only blocks spam calls but also identifies incoming callers with its extensive database of numbers. It allows users to report spam numbers and contribute to creating a safer community.

Hiya: Hiya is another highly-rated app that provides real-time call protection. It automatically blocks known spammers and scammers, ensuring your iPhone remains spam-free. Additionally, Hiya offers a reverse phone lookup feature to identify unknown numbers.

RoboKiller: RoboKiller takes spam call blocking to the next level by utilizing machine learning algorithms to identify and block robocalls. It even includes pre-recorded answer bots that engage with spammers, wasting their time and discouraging further calls.

Be Proactive in Avoiding Spam Calls

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to spam calls on your iPhone. By adopting a proactive approach, you can significantly reduce the number of unwanted calls you receive.

Keep Your Number Private: Avoid sharing your phone number on public platforms or websites unless necessary. Spammers often obtain numbers from these sources, so limiting exposure can help minimize the risk of receiving spam calls.

Don’t Answer Suspicious Calls: If an unknown number appears on your screen or a suspicious call comes through, it’s best not to answer it. Answering such calls might confirm that your number is active and encourage more spam calls in the future.

Register with the National Do Not Call Registry: In many countries, including the United States, there are official registries where you can register your phone number to opt-out of receiving telemarketing calls. Research if such a registry exists in your country and sign up for it.

Report Spam Calls

Reporting spam calls not only helps protect yourself but also assists in creating awareness about potential scams or fraudulent activities.

Report to Apple: If you receive spam calls on your iPhone, report them directly to Apple using the Phone app’s built-in reporting feature or through Apple’s support website.

File Complaints with Regulatory Authorities: In some countries, regulatory authorities have dedicated platforms for reporting spam calls. Check your country’s regulatory body and file a complaint if you receive persistent spam calls.

Share Your Experience: Informing others about spam calls you have encountered can help them stay vigilant. Share your experience on social media or community forums to warn others and create awareness.

By following these expert tips, you can effectively block spam calls on your iPhone and enjoy a more peaceful calling experience. Remember to regularly update your iPhone’s software and call blocking apps to stay ahead of new spamming techniques.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.