Gift Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Xbox Series X|S

Photo Courtesy: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images

There’s good news in the world of electronics: The latest gaming consoles are stepping it up with improved resolution, 4K gaming options, more storage, huge libraries of games and apps, completely silent operation and even more. One of these top platforms, the Xbox Series X, is the new kid on the block that has everyone talking — often about its 4K performance. But is it really that much better than its also-new sibling, the Xbox Series S?

Considering that they were both released at the same time, it can be confusing to figure out which is right for your gaming needs, especially because these consoles have significant differences in their exteriors — does that mean their performance is markedly different, too? If you’re thinking about purchasing an Xbox for yourself or for a lucky recipient, it’s important to learn how the Xbox Series S compares to the Xbox Series X and find out more about the must-have accessories for any serious gamer. And what’s a console without, well, content? Let’s take a dive into the arrival of some hotly anticipated Xbox titles and discuss the performance of these two Xbox Series consoles.

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