Life-Changing Inventions Boomers Are Sorry They Didn’t Have

Photo Courtesy: MohammadHassan/Pixabay

Technology has always been in constant flux, but the rapid proliferation of digital devices and technological innovations experienced today wasn't always the reality. Baby boomers didn't grow up with the same electronics, gadgets and tools that younger generations take for granted. In fact, they grew up with very little technology at all. Boomers tend to look at younger generations as frivolous, demanding and unworthy of envy, but inventions may be the exception to that rule.

Many new devices that have popped up over the years are useful and downright impressive, and boomers are more than a little jealous that millennials and Gen Z have always had them. Let's take a look at some of the recent life-changing inventions boomers wish they could have had when they were young.