Life-Changing Inventions Boomers Are Sorry They Didn’t Have

Photo Courtesy: MohammadHassan/Pixabay

Technology has always been in constant flux, but the rapid proliferation of digital devices and technological innovations experienced today wasn’t always the reality. Baby boomers didn’t grow up with the same electronics, gadgets and tools that younger generations take for granted. In fact, they grew up with very little technology at all. Boomers tend to look at younger generations as frivolous, demanding and unworthy of envy, but inventions may be the exception to that rule.

Many new devices that have popped up over the years are useful and downright impressive, and boomers are more than a little jealous that millennials and Gen Z have always had them. Let’s take a look at some of the recent life-changing inventions boomers wish they could have had when they were young.

Lifelike Robotic Pets

Even for the most devoted animal lover, it’s not always practical or possible to own a pet. Perhaps you’re allergic or you have physical limitations that prevent you from properly caring for a pet. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a furry companion, thanks to the invention of animatronic dogs and cats.

Photo Courtesy: BrettJordan/Unsplash

Ageless Innovation created JOY FOR ALL Companion Pets to help give seniors and people who are unable to care for real pets a lifelike alternative. The pets bark/meow, move around and even have a “heartbeat.”

Solar-Charged and Special Jackets

Finding the perfect jacket can be difficult, but thanks to some new jacket technology, staying comfortable (and safe) outside just got a whole lot easier. Vollebak, a sports gear startup based in the United Kingdom, created the Solar-Charged Jacket. This piece of clothing features a phosphorescent membrane that absorbs light during the day and then glows green in the dark.

Photo Courtesy: KalVisuals/Unsplash

Another invention is the Flexwarm Jacket. It features innovative heating elements with built-in sensors throughout the fabric. You can adjust the heating output as desired to create a custom, cozy fit.

Snore Circle

Snoring has long been one of the most irritating — and extremely common — types of sleep disturbances. Whether you’re waking yourself or others up at night or you’re unable to fall asleep because of someone else’s snoring, restricted airflow can be quite a nuisance. Thanks to Snore Circle, this doesn’t have to be much of an issue anymore.

Photo Courtesy: TwinsFisch/Unsplash

This gadget combines audio and bone conduction to monitor snoring in a sleeping person. When the sensors are detected, it sends micro signals to the brain to minimize the snoring. It also comes with an app to monitor sleep quality.

ThePhotoStick for Photo Backup

Long gone are the days when collections of family photos had to be organized into physical photo albums. However, we now face thousands of photos and videos accumulating on our computers and smartphones with no efficient method for sorting or exporting them to share with loved ones.

Photo Courtesy: BrinaBlum/Unsplash

Fortunately, things are looking up with the introduction of ThePhotoStick. This invention unveils the opportunity to save and sync up to 60,000 images with ease. You put the drive in your computer to automatically back up photos and videos for safe offline access.

Bacteria-Killing Robot

The Roomba has been around for quite a few years now. Having a robotic vacuum is certainly helpful for cleaning efficiency, but it really only picks up the visible dust and dirt. What about all the bacteria we can’t actually see?

Photo Courtesy: Kowon/Unsplash

For the microscopic creepy crawlies, technology has generated the CleanseBot. This type of cleaning robot can sanitize and disinfect areas, such as under your bed, to remove harmful bacteria and pathogens. It even helps purify the air quality. Plus, because it’s so lightweight, it’s easy to pack for traveling.

Soothing Socks

Whether it’s from being on your feet all day or just general aches and pains, swollen feet are no joke. Compression socks have been around for a while as a helpful treatment for aching feet, but now we have access to a technologically advanced version in the form of Dr. Sock Soothers.

Photo Courtesy: EnnioBrehm/Unsplash

These socks are designed to provide immediate relief for foot pain. The compression fabric is so effective that even professional athletes use them. Offering added stability and support, these specialty socks can be worn during activities or just when lounging.

Neck Hammocks

Neck pain is an issue that affects a wide range of people, especially as they get older. Between sore, stiff muscles and bothersome pinched nerves, a host of ailments can lead to pain and discomfort of the neck. Until recently, the most common methods of treatment were medication, topical rubs and braces.

Photo Courtesy: DươngNhân/Pexels

However, thanks to a new design by a physiotherapist, there’s a new neck hammock that almost anyone can use. It’s helpful for relaxing tight muscles, improving neck mobility and reducing pain. Think of it as basically a sling made specifically for necks.

Liquid Plastic Welders

You probably remember a time when your father swore that duct tape could fix anything. If not, super glue was the next best option. Whether it was a broken vase or a cracked pipe, a little adhesive could fix almost anything, right?

Photo Courtesy: SteveBuissinne/Pixabay

Fortunately, we no longer have to rely on those outdated — and, let’s be honest, ineffective — methods. Now, there’s a stronger option called Bondic. This liquid plastic welder is the size of a pen and uses a shaping tool, clear liquid and a UV light to mend permanently damaged items that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Smart Buckle

Fitbits and other types of smart wearables have become incredibly popular over the past few years. While some people swear by the digital gadgets for tracking their health, others prefer their traditional wristband watches. However, they no longer have to sacrifice their beloved analog watches for trendy devices.

Photo Courtesy: JensKreuter/Unsplash

Smart Buckle is a tiny tool that can be attached to any watch strap to turn it into a smart fitness tracker. This includes tracking and analyzing sleep data, daily steps and other activities. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android software.

Migraine Miracle

Only those who suffer from migraines can truly understand the pain, discomfort and inconvenience of sudden episodes. Thanks to recent technological innovation, it might not be necessary to hide in a dark room every time you feel a painful migraine coming on.

Photo Courtesy: Geralt/Pixabay

A new invention called Nerivio is a device worn on the arm that can detect migraines as they start to form. The device electrically stimulates the wearer’s body to dial back pain signals. Right now, it’s only available with a valid prescription and at certain pharmacies.

Levitating Lamps

If you make anything float, it’s sure to cause quite a sensation, especially when it has to do with electricity. One of the biggest recent inventions to hit the market is a levitating lightbulb that uses electromagnetic induction to work.

Photo Courtesy: SyedHussaini/Unsplash

The bulb is completely contactless and can be used with elegant looking bases. The sleek, modern design is about as futuristic as you can get. It also acts as a great conversation piece to add to your home. Sit back and watch as your guests try to figure out whether or not it’s an illusion.

Magic Mirrors

If you’re sick of seeing just your own reflection in the mirror, now you can use the mirror to browse Instagram or other apps at the same time. An invention appropriately titled the Savvy Smart mirror can be used for so much more than checking your appearance in the morning.

Photo Courtesy: AleksanderVlad/Unsplash

Touchscreen functionality lets you quickly view the news, browse apps, control smart-home settings such as the thermostat and more. This type of device is indicative of the many different ways people can capitalize on multitasking in their daily lives.

Smart Sticky Note Printer

If you or someone you know is a fan of handwritten notes and lists, sticky notes are a staple. While some people rely on their smartphone’s notepads to jot down important thoughts and reminders, many others still prefer tangible paper. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

Photo Courtesy: Frans/Pexels

Cubinote is a new mini printer that uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to any device — and you don’t even have to worry about ink! The mini printer uses heat-sensitive paper to let you print your own colorful sticky notes.

Vehicle Diagnosis Dashboard Device

No matter how old you are, car malfunctions are always stressful. Many people dread trips to the mechanic, worrying about getting scammed or overpaying for something that wasn’t even necessary. The problem is that unless you’re experienced with cars, it’s hard to know whether you’re being duped or not.

Photo Courtesy: Fotorech/Pixabay

That doesn’t have to be true anymore, however. FIXD is a small device you can add to your car’s dashboard that will tell you what — if anything — is wrong with your vehicle. It can even be used on multiple cars, making it great for families.

Silence Searcher

Everyone needs to take a little time for themselves occasionally. In today’s busy, bustling environment, we’re constantly inundated with advertisements and constantly connected through our digital devices, which can make unplugging seem impossible.

Photo Courtesy: IngoJoseph/Pexels

For any boomers who feel overwhelmed and want to escape the noise to enjoy a quiet conversation somewhere, the SoundPrint app is a much appreciated tool. This free app is used to analyze, measure and report the noise levels inside places. This helps people pick places based on the sound level at the time.

Lens Peeps

Anyone who wears glasses can attest to the never-ending struggle of trying to keep them clean. The tried and true method has always been to blow some hot breath on them and wipe them down with a handy cloth material — often the shirt you’re wearing. Is this method effective? Not always.

Photo Courtesy: BartoszSujkowski/Unsplash

Is there a better method? Finally, the answer is yes. Peeps use innovative lens-cleaning technology to help you keep your eyeglasses, reading glasses and sunglasses crystal clear throughout the day. Not convinced? It uses the same technology for lens cleaning as NASA!

Safekeeping for Keys

Keeping track of your keys can be a hassle. This is especially true when you have enough keys to pass for a janitor. You have to waste an unnecessary amount of time sorting through the various keys before finding the right one, not to mention the discomfort of all that bulkiness in your purse or pocket.

Photo Courtesy: GeorgeBecker/Pexels

KeySmart is a new gadget that aims to resolve this problem. It transforms your otherwise chaotic and messy keychain into a small, compact one. It holds up to 14 keys and uses the same fold-in style as pocket knives.

Super Boost Wi-Fi

We live in a world where digital connectivity is now an expectation, rather than a luxury. So, when we’re trying to browse the internet in certain areas of our home and only get a weak Wi-Fi signal — or worse, no signal at all! — it can be quite frustrating.

Photo Courtesy: Webaroo/Unsplash

Fortunately, Super Boost WiFi is here to eliminate such concerns. The device lets users ensure their Wi-Fi connection extends fully to every corner of their homes. That makes establishing a reliable connection, even when you’re in the backyard and far from the router, a simple thing to do.

Holograph Car Assistant

Remember when people relied on paper maps as navigation tools when driving? GPS and built-in navigation systems have long eradicated the need for those impractical paper directions. However, car information systems distracting us from the road is a newer problem that will soon be a worry of the past.

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay/Pexels

EyeLights is a technology system that promises to offer a holographic display in place of a screen to project information like map directions. It will appear on the windshield, so you don’t ever have to take your eyes off the road.

Advanced Hearing Aid

Hearing aids have long been useful devices that allow people to hear better. However, new hearing aid technology produced by Starkey Hearing Technologies takes “assistive hearing” to a whole new level. With the company’s innovative “talking” hearing aids, users get so much more than better hearing.

Photo Courtesy: Stux/Pixabay

In addition to creating a better balance between nearby sound amplification and reduced background noise, Livio AI uses artificial intelligence and sensors that double as a smart assistant. It can play music, translate conversations in different languages and even send alerts about falls.

Talking Glasses

Anyone with a visual impairment like dyslexia understands the complexity of trying to navigate the world from a distorted or downright veiled view. Thanks to artificial intelligence, interpreting and interacting with the world can be just a little bit easier with the OrCam MyEye 2 device.

Photo Courtesy: Free-Photos/Pixabay

This device is attached to eyewear frames to utilize voice-assisting technology that is actually capable of identifying, scanning, reading and relaying text information, such as newspaper headlines. The AI-powered invention is still in its beginning stages, but it’s already making strides in many countries.

Live-In Doctor Device

Telemedicine has made major waves over the years as medical and technological advancements made accessing and receiving healthcare and treatment offsite easier than ever. Among the latest inventions that could be a game-changer for boomers is the TytoHome system.

Photo Courtesy: NegativeSpace/Pexels

Using this handheld device is basically like going for a doctor’s visit without leaving your home. It’s capable of measuring important vitals as well as conducting other routine procedures that your doctor would perform, such as examining your ears, throat and lungs. Doctors can also utilize real-time metric monitoring and video conferencing to best serve patients.

Heated Razors

Part of the appeal of going to the barber shop to get a haircut and shave is the relaxing, luxurious treatment you get while you’re there. Gillette is attempting to mimic that type of experience with its new heated razor. The grooming tool is capable of heating up to 122 degrees — be careful! — and it only takes a matter of seconds to reach that temperature.

Photo Courtesy: Supply/Unsplash

The heated blades pair with the soap and skin temperature to achieve a closer and overall better shave. Customers can also sign up for automatic blade refills.

Calculating Clock

Some theorize that the conveniences provided by many technological devices are making us lazier. Certainly, many inventions that crop up each year are designed with the intent of making our lives easier. Others are actually taking a different route.

Photo Courtesy: DjimLoic/Unsplash

The Albert Clock is an example of this. Rather than simply display the time, this innovative clock instead presents a math problem in place of the actual time. People are forced to work out the equation and exercise their brain muscles if they want to know what time it is.

Shark Saver

Jaws was — and will likely continue to be — a cult classic, particularly among baby boomers. Fiction aside, however, real-life horror stories of swimmers getting attacked by sharks are scary and not at all entertaining. Protecting surfers and swimmers from the threat of sharks is something that could be achieved by drones.

Photo Courtesy: SydSujuaan/Unsplash

While the product is still in development, the Shark Spotter drone is an invention that will be programmed to search the waters near beaches to detect the presence of sharks. If they are in the area, the drones will alert swimmers, surfers and lifeguards of the threat.

Safety Siren

While no one likes to think about finding themselves in a dangerous, scary or life-threatening situation, the reality is that there’s always a possibility you could find yourself in trouble. Even if it never happens, knowing you have a tool that can effectively alert people you need help is comforting.

Photo Courtesy: JanKolar/Unsplash

The 1Tac Safety Siren revolutionizes the way people can ward off attackers. It’s a small device that attaches to a keychain. If faced with a threat, users simply remove the pin to activate a loud and powerful alarm.

Property Protector

Losing things that belong to you can be stressful. It’s even worse when they are taken from you. The unfortunate reality is that some people will steal others’ property and belongings at any given opportunity. It’s disheartening when it happens, not to mention costly to replace the items.

Photo Courtesy: Ivan/Pexels

However, someone recently invented a solution to this issue. AirBolt is a device that uses advanced encryption systems to track and lock/unlock your stolen baggage right from your phone. In the event something does go missing, you can have peace of mind knowing where to find it.

Pillows Shaped for Glasses

As we mentioned earlier on this list, people with visual impairments deal with certain issues that others with perfect vision just wouldn’t understand. Among the minor but true examples is the discomfort you experience when you want to lay down to watch TV, but your glasses prevent you from resting your head on the pillow in comfort.

Photo Courtesy: ApostolosVamvouras/Unsplash

Good news for glasses-wearers: You can now buy pillows that include an indention specifically for the frame of your glasses. This prevents the sides of your glasses from pushing against your face when you lie on your side.

Custom-Tailored Temperature Mug

Traditional travel mugs don’t always provide the best insulation. Before you know it, the coffee you were looking forward to sipping is lukewarm. Newer travel thermos brands like Yeti are so effective at keeping drinks warm that you almost burn your tongue when you take a sip an hour later.

Photo Courtesy: MichalB/Unsplash

Now, there’s a mug that lets you abandon this Goldilocks rollercoaster of beverage temperatures to customize it to your preferred level. Even better, it comes with an app for your phone that lets you monitor the temperature in high-tech style.

Snack Chip Sealer

We’re not saying it never happens, but it’s rare for people to open a new family-size bag of chips and finish the entire thing in one sitting. Typically, you want to save some for later. In an attempt to keep the chips from going stale, you’re forced to use a messy fold-over method to close the bag or try to find a clip large enough to hold it closed.

Photo Courtesy: JoaoSilas/Unsplash

Those methods are a thing of the past, however. The new, smarter method is to use a heat gadget that lets you reseal the snack bags. Your food stays fresh, and you waste less food!