Technology That Didn't Survive the Decade

Photo Courtesy: aitoff/Pixabay

Perhaps this will be the decade where everything in Back to the Future becomes a reality. But before we get excited about the technological possibilities of the 2020s, we should take a moment to pay our respects to the technology that didn't pan out long-term in the 2010s.

From forgotten technologies to old model cell phones to instant messaging services, there is a lot of technology that didn’t make the cut.

Point and Shoot Cameras

Once upon a time, phones and cameras were separate technologies — at least the high-quality ones. Do you remember going on trips and having to hold onto both your camera and phone? Point and shoot cameras gave even amateur photographers expert skills.

Photo Courtesy: Fir0002/Wikipedia

Technology like the auto setting and the ability to delete bad pictures made taking photos much easier. However, with the popularity of smartphones, there is no longer a need for these cameras because phones have them built-in.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger was originally Yahoo Chat, a public chat room, until 2012 when it was renamed Yahoo Messenger. It was an accompaniment to the Yahoo Mail. You needed a Yahoo ID to use the IM service that could also be used for other Yahoo services.

Photo Courtesy: unknown/twitter

Other features of the IM service included file sharing, the ability to make phone calls, voicemail and user avatars. The platform could even be customized with different themes, but declining numbers made the service end in 2017.

MSN Messenger

Later renamed Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger was Microsoft's successful attempt to cash in on the popularity of IM services, which were very common at the time. It could also transfer files and gave users emoticons.

Photo Courtesy: Wahyu Setiawan/Unsplash

It hit its peak around 2009, after which the rise of smartphones and social media made the service redundant. Microsoft discontinued the messaging service in 2014. It has been replaced with Skype, which continues to have the same messaging system.