Understanding the Role of Public Deed Records in Real Estate Transactions

When it comes to real estate transactions, one of the most important documents involved is the deed. A deed is a legal document that transfers ownership of a property from one party to another. But what happens to this document after the transaction is complete? This is where public deed records come into play.

What Are Public Deed Records?

Public deed records are official documents that provide information on property ownership and transfers. These records are maintained by government agencies, typically at the county or city level, and are available for public access. They serve as a permanent record of all real estate transactions that have taken place.

Why Are Public Deed Records Important?

Public deed records play a critical role in real estate transactions because they provide legal proof of ownership. When someone purchases a property, they receive a deed that proves they are the rightful owner. This document must be recorded with the appropriate government agency to make it official.

Recording deeds with public agencies also protects buyers from fraud and other illegal activities. For example, if someone tries to sell a property that they do not actually own, public deed records can be used to prove who the rightful owner is.

In addition to providing proof of ownership and protecting against fraud, public deed records can also help with title searches. When someone buys a property, they want to know if there are any liens or other claims against it that could affect their ownership rights. By searching public deed records, buyers can find out if there are any outstanding issues before completing the transaction.

How Do You Access Public Deed Records?

Accessing public deed records varies depending on where you live. In most cases, these documents can be accessed online through government websites or in person at local offices. Some counties may charge a fee for accessing these documents online or in person.

It’s important to note that while public deed records are available for anyone to access, some information may be redacted for privacy reasons. For example, social security numbers and other sensitive information may be removed from public records.


Public deed records are a critical part of real estate transactions. They provide legal proof of ownership and protect buyers from fraud and other illegal activities. Accessing these records can also help with title searches and ensure that there are no outstanding issues with a property before completing a transaction. While the process of accessing public deed records varies, they are available for anyone to access and can provide valuable information for anyone involved in real estate transactions.

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