Top Fire Pits & Patio Heaters for Every Outdoor Space

Top Fire Pits & Patio Heaters for Every Outdoor Space

Caryn AndersonLast Updated Oct 28, 2020 10:43:46 AM ET
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Outdoor fire pits and patio heaters let you extend your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces once the chilly weather sets in. From open flame designs ideal for roasting marshmallows to sleek heaters suitable for keeping yourself comfortable, these stylish accessories do more than heat your space.

When shopping for outdoor fire pits and patio heaters, consider the style you like best, the space available for placing it and the heat source. We’ve created a list of the 10 best bets to help get you started.


Best Overall Fire Pit: Blue Rhino outdoor propane fire pit

It has the look of a built-in, permanent fire pit, but the Blue Rhino outdoor propane fire pit can be moved around to accommodate your changing needs. The table measures 30-inches square with a height of 24 inches, making it an ideal spot for gathering around during long conversations or smores-making sessions. The blue fire glass adds a striking decorative touch.


Best Overall Patio Heater: Fire Sense Patio Heater

This tall, powerful heater delivers 46,000 BTUs to keep the chill out. The Fire Sense patio heater is tall and efficient. It features wheels for easy maneuverability, and it comes in multiple color options, making it easy to find one to complement your style. Expect around 10 hours of heating power at full blast from each 20-pound propane tank used to power the heater.


Best Value Fire Pit: AmazonBasics 23.5-Inch Steel Lattice Fire Pit

Compact, long-lasting and wallet-friendly, the AmazonBasics 23.5-inch steel lattice fire pit is simple but functional. This wood-burning fire pit has a lattice design, which gives you excellent views of the flames while helping to distribute the warmth evenly. It features steel screening in the interior to reduce sparks and a screen you can put over top to catch sparks and embers before they can escape.


Best Value Patio Heater: AmazonBasics Commercial Patio Heater

With more than 800 five-star reviews and a budget-friendly price tag, the AmazonBasics commercial patio heater isn’t just one of the best values. It’s also a favorite among many customers. It has a sleek base that conceals the LPG tank, which you have to buy separately. Easy ignition and wheels for mobility add convenience while 46,000 British thermal units (BTUs) provide ample heating power.


Best for Travel: Outland Firebowl 893 Portable Fire Pit

Skip the mess and need for firewood with the Outland Firebowl 893 portable propane fire pit. Measuring 19 inches and weighing less than 25 pounds, this fire pit is designed to take with you. Whether camping in the woods, traveling the country or having a fire in your friend's backyard, this 55,000 BTU gas fire pit is easy to take anywhere without sacrificing warming power.


Best Tabletop: Hiland Portable Tabletop Patio Heater

You don’t need tons of space to keep your patio or porch toasty warm. Not only does the Hiland portable tabletop patio heater fit neatly in the center of most tables, it’s also lightweight enough to move around easily. With 11,000 BTUs of heating power, this portable tabletop heater provides ample comfort for sitting around the outdoor dinner table or for long, cozy chats.


Best Fire Pit Table: Best Choice 50,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table

Transform your outdoor space into a room with the Best Choice Products 50,000 BTU fire pit table, which features 50,000 BTU of heating power. The impressive flame display is complemented by glass beads situated around the stainless steel burner. Pop the fire pit lid on to transform the table into a solid dining table when no fire is needed.


Best Glass Tube: Hiland Pyramid Patio Heater

Glass tube patio heaters like Hiland’s Pyramid patio heater provide a dramatic, elegant decorative element to your outdoor space. This heater towers at 90 inches and provides efficient warming with its radiant-style heater that pumps out 40,000 BTU. It features a safety shut off and easy-to-use electronic ignition. The wheeled base lets you move the quartz glass tube heater easily to rearrange as needed.


Best Outdoor Fireplace: Sunjoy Brownston Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is the ultimate finishing touch when you're designing an outdoor living room. Sunjoy's Brownston wood burning outdoor fireplace has screen doors to prevent sparks, embers, and ashes from escaping. It also comes with a log grate and fire poker so you can stoke the flames. It can be used under covered patios or on wood decks with a heat resistant barrier placed underneath.


Best Versatile Patio Heater: Ener G Patio Heater Bistro Table

Multitasking furniture allows you to make the most of your space, even when you’re dealing with tight quarters. If you’re looking for a patio heater that does more than just heat your space, consider the Ener G patio heater bistro table, fit which has a tempered glass topper that stays cool while the patio heater, which makes up the body of the table, is being used.

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