Starter Kits to Help You Pick Up a Quarantine Hobby in an Instant

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Looking to expand your creative horizons? Being quarantined is the best time to keep busy and try something new. As COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continue to rise, many people will remain indoors. However, spending time at home doesn’t have to be boring; you can learn new talents while having fun. Whether you’re looking to master a cooking or art skill or find a new way to work out, these starter kits can help you pick up a quarantine hobby in an instant — and you’ll have everything you need in one click.

A DIY Pickling Kit to Preserve and Save Your Favorite Food

Cucumbers aren’t the only food that tastes good pickled; onions, carrots, beets and cabbage can also turn into delicious snacks or side dishes when fermented. These are just a few examples from a very long list of fruits and vegetables that you can preserve (for months). Got leftover watermelon? Pickle it. Tired of eating your radishes the same way all the time? Pickle them too!

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Thankfully, pickling is easy and a great skill to learn. Plus, it’ll help you save food and reduce waste. That sounds like a lot of wins to us. Beginners highly recommend the Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit, which was made to help anyone succeed in their pickling journey. The kit is complete with specially designed lids with date wheels, recipes, follow-along tutorial videos and an extractor pump. You’ll also gain access to an online community of fermentation experts, so if you have any questions along the way, you’ll get the answers. These also make excellent gifts.

A Yoga Starter Set to Help Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

Finding ways to unwind is as important as ever, especially during today’s pandemic. Yoga is one way to feel better, and everyone can’t stop talking about it. According to verywellfit, yoga offers many mental and physical health benefits, including improved flexibility, strength, balance, calmness and self-confidence. But that’s not all. It also reduces stress and back pain. Say no more.

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To help you get moving (and to add a splash of color to your workout), consider the Essential Yoga Kit. This set has a thick mat to protect your knees and joints and a yoga strap for deeper stretching. It also comes with a carry strap and yoga blocks. If you have no yoga experience, don’t worry; check out CorePower Yoga, a catalog of free at-home workouts.

A Tie-Dye Kit to Make Your Clothes Pop

You can never go wrong with learning how to tie-dye. Bring bold color back to your wardrobe with a All-in-1 DIY Tie-Dye Kit. Experiment with T-shirts, sweaters, pants, socks and whatever you can get your hands on in your closet. Try out different designs too!

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The kit comes with 18 bottles of dye, rubber bands, gloves and a plastic cover. That’s more than enough for you or your household to make all your clothes pop in technicolor. Plus, it’s an easy way to make gifts for family and friends.

A DIY Terrarium Kit to Keep Your Plants Safe and Cozy

Plant parents, rejoice! Keep your plant babies comfortable by building them tiny homes during quarantine. This Terrarium Kit is another exciting suggestion for a new hobby. Each kit comes with a sealable glass container, hydro-stones, soil and moss. Make it to your liking, and watch your little plants thrive in their new home. If you have cats or dogs that like to nibble your plants, this is an excellent way to protect them (and your plants’ precious leaves). The kit is also kid-friendly, so youngsters can join the fun.

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However, the Discovery MindBlown Weather Terrarium DIY Build & Grow Kit may be more up their alley. Your home becomes a weather station, so your kids can create their own weather wonderland and learn how to grow plants in different conditions. It’s an educational gadget that can pave the way for your little scientist’s inquisitive mind.

A Painting Essentials Set to Bring out The Artist Within You

Channel your inner Bob Ross with this neat painting set. It comes complete with a mini table easel, a canvas panel, brushes and a palette, so you don’t need to worry about running to different aisles of the store to get the supplies you need. Next, you can follow along with one of the world’s favorite painters on YouTube, or create happy little trees or mountains on your own. If you prefer to free flow, use a pouring acrylic paint set. All you need to do is drop the paint on any surface; the world is your canvas!

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Destress by making beautiful artwork? Let’s do it. After creating your masterpieces, use them to decorate the spaces in your home. You can also give them out as presents to that special someone — your mom, grandmother, roommate or even pet.

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Want to try something different?

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You can also expand your workout routine and reach your fitness goals by adding different types of exercises. If you want to bring some flair and style to your backyard, balcony, or patio, here are some ideas to help you transform the space. Besides pickling vegetables, you can also grow your own veggies using what you already have or buying the seeds from the store.